Friday, July 11, 2014

Hurting, But Still Here

I knew I had to face and make it through the first year anniversary of Tom's unexpected passing. He has never once left my mind nor my heart and probably never will. It pains so much to write this, but I know he is physically around me, guiding my determination as I muddle through a most challenging period ever in my life. They say not to look back with regret, but focus forward. I'm trying my best to do that.

In my writing, I know I create a sort of immortality. Tom continues to have adventures, make people laugh, and seek out those who need a comforting purr. He also inspires some really out-of-nowhere creativity like the poem below. If you remember "Dog and Butterfly" by Heart, you can appreciate my attempt to have the same lovely tribute to cats everywhere:


The cat and dragonfly
Never really tell me why
The cat and dragonfly
Want to keep their secret
In hushed and still reply.

The cat and dragonfly
They’ll share it with the sky
The cat and dragonfly
Whisper it to birds, but why?

The cat and dragonfly
They’ll never tell you or I
The cat and dragonfly
They’ll keep their secret
Til they die
Til they die
Then watch the sky

6.17.14 ~  ©Julie Ross Mackenzie

Monday, February 24, 2014

Just One Look

Our Anastasia has made it onto the Cat Blogosphere calendar for today and we can just feel the tingle of celebration in the air and the high anticipation of a blog post after all this time. Our little purr muffin is the reason we've finally gotten our act together.

Please allow us to share who she is in one sentence:

She is our overseer, cuddlebug and hissing Rasputin all rolled into one.

Tinker will humbly accept a wink and a nod when she finds it in her heart to dispense favors, cuddling for photo opportunities which, of course, sends the poor man--weak at the knees--over the moon.

A ladycat deserving of all things, especially our affections.

Oh, by the way, her veterinarian pronounces her name Ah-nah-stah-si-a, explaining that she prefers to say it the Russian way. Her royal highness says that's fine with her. :)

Hope you all are well, especially knowing spring is coming with its warm sunpuddles and flowers.

Take care,
Chopin, Tinker, Anastasia and Mom Julie

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Happy Holidays to All Our Friends

Our itty bitty kitty tree

Our front door with garland and birds

A little peppermint bark

Angel kitty cookies

We want to share our Christmas with you and wish you a joyous holiday and blessings now and into the New Year.

Chopin, though shy, would like me to share a "Night Before Christmas" that has him in it.

'Twas the night before Christmas
And all through the house
There was catnip and kibble
And an occasional mouse.

All stockings were hung
By the chimney with care
In hopes that St. (Cat)Nipolas
Soon would be there.

Anastasia in her kerchief
Tinker in his cap
With Chopin, they settled
For a long winter's nap.

When out on the lawn
There arose such a clatter
They sent Chopin
To see what was the matter.

It was a jolly old elf
A merry old soul
Filling stockings with goodies
And saying hello.

With paw to his lips,
Chopin pointed to where
They could hide extra yummies
So he wouldn't have to share.

"Clever lad," the gent said
As he flew out of sight,
Merry Christmas to all
And to all a good night.

Mom Julie, Chopin, Tinker, Anastasia and Angel Tom xx

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Gotcha Day in November

Tinker: There she is behind me, my beautiful sisfur.

We had a Gotcha Day for the four-legged lady of the house (not to be confused with the two-legged).

Anastasia is our Gotcha Day girl for the month of November and we're thankful we were able to give her a good home, sweeten up her disposition and make her happy to be where she can be spoiled rotten and remain beautiful as she enters her dowager queen years. She is now 12.

Mom Julie doesn't think she could get any cuter.

A little bit about her. This past year, she was a great traveler. Give her a rest stop and she gets out of her carrier, stretches her legs, looks around at everybody, uses the bathroom--all like people do--then returns to her blanket and settles down for another nap. She'll settle in anywhere, sleep through anything, way on top of a mountain if she has to and is so cool about it.

Nothing disturbs her slumber-not locusts, an apocalypse or an invasion of zombies..

We've written a little kitty ditty just for her..

Anastasia...can't replace ya
Love your face, yeah!

She's super cool about vacuum cleaners, too. They roar right on by and she doesn't blink an eye..

That's our Stasia..
Nothing fazes ya

Happy Gotcha Day, pretty lady! And look for her again in the new Cat Blogosphere 2014 calendar during the month of February. That's Heart Month and she sure has all ours!!

~Tinker, Chopin, the Mom and Angel Tom

Monday, September 2, 2013

More Sadness

Ages ago it seems like now, we had a new friend who encouraged us to join a wonderful cat loving group, and we did. Whicky Wuudler was his name and he introduced us to his Everycat family, too.

When we lost Whicky to the Bridge, we were devastated. Now his brother, Gerry, has gone on to be with Whicky and our hearts are breaking over this.

Just recently, we found this beautiful picture and are thinking how much like Gerry this kitty looks.

If the Bridge has perches bathed in moonlight, then Gerry is there.

We send our love and deepest condolences to a family that has shown over and over how much their cats are loved. Unfortunately, the greater the love, the deeper the loss, as we all know only too well.

At their blog, there is a wonderful tribute to a kitty whose time on this earth, like Tom's, was too painfully short. But, in that brief time, they give us a precious gift that we will carry in our hearts until we meet again.

This is my favorite of all the photos taken of Gerry, if we may. We wanted to include it in our own tribute today to a special cat and a special family.

All our love,

Mom Julie, Tinker, Anastasia and Angel Tom xx

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Paws to Fill

Hi, everybody, Tinker here--

Boy, I think we might be making our way out of the blues big-time, finally. Mom Julie starts to cry and I hear her and run to her, figuring a cuddle or making her scratch behind my ears might help. I can't be Tom. I won't even try, but I can be cat, Tinker cat, and I can be kittenish, too. She holds Tom's wooden box and the tears start.

I can't even begin to tell you how I feel when I look around for my buddy and all I see is Anastasia..sheesh, Tom, how could you!?

Anyway, Stasia and I are getting along much better. Mom Julie makes us play together and she can't play and hiss at the same time, thank goodness (that's Stasia, not the mom)

So, we're trying to get our lives back together, settle in to our new home and I need my teeth cleaned. Mom Julie doesn't want to let me out of her sight, hemming and hawing over which vet to go to. She's getting clingy, my friends and, you know what? The other day, I almost jumped out of my skin. See for yourself..

Tom? Is that you?

I don't know if it was him or not, but I'd like to think it was.

It feels good to be back posting again. I don't know how often we'll be here, but we'll do our best. Meanwhile, those of you on Facebook, look for us..we're always good for a quick word or two..

Hugs to all of you who have cared so much.

Sunday, July 7, 2013


From Julie ~

This is one of my favorite pictures of him, eyes closed, content, knowing with every inch of his being that he was loved.

For those of you who don't know, Tom lost his battle yesterday afternoon. The initial diagnosis was hepatic lipidosis, but there were underlying complications which compromised his life. Because of the holiday, the lab wasn't open, so liver aspiration cells weren't yet tested, but will be. I still have a lot of questions. Right now, I'm trying to come to terms with his leaving us all so soon. 

After having trouble breathing yesterday afternoon and crying out in pain, I helped him to the bridge. He was lying in my arms and I told him how everyone was praying, sending positive thoughts and healing light to help him. The love and caring of our friends we could feel all around us.

He sends kisses..